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Client Reviews
"I have been doing Pilates with Kelsey for about 18 months and it is hands down the best 60 minutes of my week! When I started, I was recovering from a pretty bad back and neck injury and had very little core strength. Fast forward to now, I am pain free and stronger than I could ever imagine. I have tried many different workouts and personal trainers over the years, but none even compare to Kelsey. She has made me stronger, leaner, more toned and also helped with my balance and posture. Kelsey is encouraging and pushes you to be the best version of yourself during the session. Her smile and energy are contagious. I leave every workout feeling better than when I walked in the door! You will want Kelsey to be both your pilates instructor and your best friend!" -K.B
"I have been working with Kelsey now for over a year, and it has been beyond amazing. First of all, Kelsey is a fantastic instructor. She has such a great energy and is so fun to be around, which makes it a pleasure to work out with her, and she is a great motivator and teacher. I had never done pilates before I met her, and she was and continues to be kind and patient with my clumsiness, awkwardness and all of the other things I do to make pilates look bad! I was hooked from my first session with Kelsey, but as I continued to see changes to my body, I became even more obsessed. No matter what your fitness goals are, I am proof that Kelsey can help you achieve them. In my time working with her, I have lost 20 pounds, and my body has become so much leaner and stronger than any other workout ever did for me. I also have chronic lower back problems, and since I started working with Kelsey, the strength that I have gained in my core has helped me manage my back problems better than I had been able to do in years. I have become such an advocate for pilates since I met Kelsey that I think my friends are starting to get annoyed with me talking about it! Kelsey is the best!"​ -R.H
"Energetic, motivated, positive and encouraging are all words that come to mind when I think of Kelsey. I have been taking Pilates with her for 9+ months and she continues to motivate me and never lets me give up! Kelsey will give you an amazing work out and you will see your body transform if you stick with it! I HIGHLY recommend Kelsey Schmeltzer for your Pilates trainer.​" -C.C

"I've been doing pilates with Kelsey since last year - it's amazing. She really knows how to "see" what's going on with your body and choose the right exercises and stretches for you. Her anatomy knowledge is excellent, and her cuing and overall teaching style was very calming and motivating.​" -R.M
"I started working with Kelsey in August. She is amazing - I always looked forward to our sessions! She is such a great motivator and she makes an hour of working out fly by. Kelsey is so kind and she had a lot of patience with me. She always demonstrated what I should be doing and made adjustments along the way. She always worked in new exercises so no two work outs were the same and it was never boring. Overall, she has helped me tone and gain more strength. I cannot recommend her enough - you will never want another pilates instructor!"​ -K.H
"I've been doing Pilates with Kelsey for over a year. She is amazing. Kelsey is so in tune with your body - she makes constant adjustments and suggestions. I've made so much visible progress with Kelsey. I'm the kind of person who needs to be challenged and she knows how to push me without me feeling like I'm being tortured. Kelsey is also just a great person to hang with for an hour - she is simultaneously thoughtful, sweet and funny without ever losing sight of the day's workout goals. Work with Kelsey!!!​" -R.R
"I started working with Kelsey while training for my first NYC marathon. I had an overuse injury and was forced to run less. Our weekly sessions, helped me recover faster, increased my core strength, made me a better runner. Kelsey knows how to make each session productive and fun. We had a routine but she always incorporated new things to keep me on my toes! Kelsey's positive attitude is infectious and I enjoyed every session with her. Pilates with Kelsey made me stronger and more in tune with my body's movements.​" 

"I have been working with Kelsey for several months now and I already notice a significant difference in my core strength and flexibility. She is great to work with, and what I value most is her intuition. She knows just when she can push you a little harder, and what areas to focus on, often without even asking (though she is very communicative as well!). She has a wonderful energy, and is someone I look forward to spending 60 minutes with each week!" -A.M

"I was lucky enough to work with Kelsey for about 9 months before moving from New York. I noticed a significant difference in my strength and flexibility, and found that Kelsey made even the most challenging sessions delightful. She will push you to your limits, but always with a smile! I miss having Kelsey and her instruction every single week."​ -A.N

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