Session Pricing

"Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor." -Jospeh Pilates

Full Apparatus Private Sessions

In Studio in Chelsea

Mat Private Sessions

In home (Manhattan only)


50 min Mat Private:  

5 pack: $415.00 ($83 each)
10 pack: $800.00 ($80 each)

50 min Semi-Private (Mat):
5 pack: $235.00/person ($47 a session)
10 pack: $450.00/person ($45 a session)

50 min Semi-Private:

5 pack: $335.00/person ($67 a session)

10 pack: $650.00/person ($65 a session)

50 min Apparatus Private: 

5 pack:  $560.00 ($112 each)

10 pack: $1,100.00 ($110 each) 


           Single Private (One on One) Sessions:             

                50 min Private: $115.00                

Single Semi-Private (Two People or more) Sessions:

50 min Semi-Private: $70.00/person

50 min Private: $86.00
50 min Semi-Private (Two People or more): $50.00/person
In-Person Sessions available starting September 2021.
In-Person Sessions available starting September 2021.
Payments accepted via Cash, Check, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle.
Please contact me before sending any payment.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates available for purchase of any value.

Can be used for private sessions and semi-private sessions.


Virtual sessions are also available, so you can keep working towards your fitness goals on the road or at home! Inquire for more information.